[Numpy-discussion] number of tests

Davide Del Vento ddvento@ucar....
Mon Feb 11 21:54:03 CST 2013

I compiled numpy 1.6.2 (right before 1.7 came out) with the intel
compiler and MKL library. I'm trying to assess
whether or not everything has been build fine. Since my machine is
actually a cluster, I'm running the tests in different configurations
(login node and batch script). However, I'm confused by the number of
tests which ran.
On the login nodes (either interactively or without tty) I get:

Ran 3587 tests in 22.211s
FAILED (KNOWNFAIL=5, SKIP=11, failures=2)

Whereas in a remote batch node (with a script) I get:

Ran 3229 tests in 15.642s

Where did the 358 "missing" tests go in the batch run?
The handful difference in SKIPped and FAILed (which I am
investigating) cannot be the reason.

What is it happening?

PS: a similar thing happened with scipy, which I'm asking on the
scipy mailing list.

Thanks and Regards,

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