[Numpy-discussion] pip install numpy throwing a lot of output.

Francesc Alted francesc@continuum...
Tue Feb 12 08:31:05 CST 2013

On 2/12/13 3:18 PM, Daπid wrote:
> On 12 February 2013 14:58, Francesc Alted <francesc@continuum.io> wrote:
>> Yes, I think that's expected. Just to make sure, can you send some
>> excerpts of the errors that you are getting?
> Actually the errors are at the beginning of the process, so they are
> out of the reach of my terminal right now. Seems like pip doesn't keep
> a log in case of success.

Well, I think these errors are part of the auto-discovering process of 
the functions supported by the libraries in the hosting OS (kind of 
`autoconf`for Python), so they can be considered 'normal'.

> The ones I can see are mostly warnings of unused variables and
> functions, maybe this is the expected behaviour for a library? This
> errors come from a complete reinstall instead of the original upgrade
> (the cat closed the terminal, worst excuse ever!):

These ones are not errors, but warnings. While it should be desirable to 
avoid any warning during the compilation process, not many libraries 
fulfill this (but patches for removing them are accepted).

Francesc Alted

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