[Numpy-discussion] A new webpage promoting Compiler technology for CPython

Travis Oliphant teoliphant@gmail....
Fri Feb 15 01:11:12 CST 2013

Hey all, 

With Numba and Blaze we have been doing a lot of work on what essentially is compiler technology and realizing more and more that we are treading on ground that has been plowed before with many other projects.   So, we wanted to create a web-site and perhaps even a mailing list or forum where people could coordinate and communicate about compiler projects, compiler tools, and ways to share efforts and ideas.

The website is:  http://compilers.pydata.org/

This page is specifically for Compiler projects that either integrate with or work directly with the CPython run-time which is why PyPy is not presently listed.  The PyPy project is a great project but we just felt that we wanted to explicitly create a collection of links to compilation projects that are accessible from CPython which are likely less well known.    

But that is just where we started from.   The website is intended to be a community website constructed from a github repository.   So, we welcome pull requests from anyone who would like to see the website updated to reflect their related project.    Jon Riehl (Mython, PyFront, ROFL, and many other interesting projects) and Stephen Diehl (Blaze) and I will be moderating the pull requests to begin with.   But, we welcome others with similar interests to participate in that effort of moderation.

The github repository is here:  https://github.com/pydata/compilers-webpage

This is intended to be a community website for information spreading, and so we welcome any and all contributions.  

Thank you,

Travis Oliphant

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