[Numpy-discussion] confused about tensordot

Neal Becker ndbecker2@gmail....
Fri Feb 15 09:50:49 CST 2013

In the following code

            c = np.multiply (a, b.conj())
            d = np.abs (np.sum (c, axis=0)/rows)

            d2 = np.abs (np.tensordot (a, b.conj(), ((0,),(0,)))/rows)
            print a.shape, b.shape, d.shape, d2.shape
The 1st compute steps, where I do multiply and then sum give the result I want.

I wanted to try to combine these 2 steps using tensordot, but it's not
doing what I want.

The print statement outputs this:

(1004, 13) (1004, 13) (13,) (13, 13)

The correct output should be (13,), but the tensordot output is (13,13).

It's supposed to take 2 matrixes, each (1004, 13) and do element-wise multiply, 
then sum over axis 0.

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