[Numpy-discussion] np.percentile docstring

Andreas Hilboll lists@hilboll...
Sun Feb 17 04:50:35 CST 2013

In my numpy 1.6.1 (from Ubuntu 12.04LTS repository), the docstring of
np.percentile is wrong. I'm not just submitting a PR because I don't
understand something.

in the "Notes" and "Examples" sections, there seems to be some confusion
if ``q`` should be in the range [0,1] or in [0,100]. The parameters
section is very clear about this, it should be [0,100].

However, in the Examples section, it says

   >>> np.percentile(a, 0.5, axis=0)
   array([ 6.5,  4.5,  2.5])

The given array is clearly the result of a call to np.percentile(a, 50.,

I thought the docs are auto-generated, and that the "array..." result of
the docstring would be calculated by numpy while building the docs? Or
am I misunderstanding something here?

Cheers, Andreas.

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