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Sebastian Berg sebastian@sipsolutions....
Sun Feb 17 05:40:30 CST 2013


On Sun, 2013-02-17 at 11:50 +0100, Andreas Hilboll wrote:
> In my numpy 1.6.1 (from Ubuntu 12.04LTS repository), the docstring of
> np.percentile is wrong. I'm not just submitting a PR because I don't
> understand something.
> in the "Notes" and "Examples" sections, there seems to be some confusion
> if ``q`` should be in the range [0,1] or in [0,100]. The parameters
> section is very clear about this, it should be [0,100].
> However, in the Examples section, it says
>    >>> np.percentile(a, 0.5, axis=0)
>    array([ 6.5,  4.5,  2.5])
> The given array is clearly the result of a call to np.percentile(a, 50.,
> axis=0).
> I thought the docs are auto-generated, and that the "array..." result of
> the docstring would be calculated by numpy while building the docs? Or
> am I misunderstanding something here?

They are not auto generated, in principle the other way would be
possible, i.e. numpy can use the documentation to test the code. But the
doctests have been relatively broken for a while I think, so there is at
the time no way to automatically find such issues. There is some work
right now going on for percentile, but please just do your pull request.



> Cheers, Andreas.
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