[Numpy-discussion] calling NumPy from Julia - a plea for fewer macros

Nathaniel Smith njs@pobox....
Sun Feb 17 10:33:48 CST 2013

On 17 Feb 2013 08:13, "Steven G. Johnson" wrote:
> Julia has the ability to call C functions directly (without writing C
> glue), and I've been exploiting this to write PyCall purely in Julia.
> (This is nice for a number of reasons; besides programming and linking
> convenience, it means that I can dynamically load different Python
> versions on the same machine, and don't need to recompile if e.g. NumPy
> is updated.) However, calling NumPy has been a challenge, because of
> NumPy's heavy reliance on macros in its C API.
> I wanted to make a couple of suggestions to keep in mind as you plan for
> NumPy 2.0:

There are currently no plans to produce a NumPy 2.0, but everything you
suggest would be just fine as changes to numpy 1.x. PRs gratefully accepted.

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