[Numpy-discussion] Windows, blas, atlas and dlls

Sergio Callegari sergio.callegari@gmail....
Mon Feb 18 09:38:27 CST 2013


I have a project that includes a cython script which in turn does some direct
access to a couple of cblas functions. This is necessary, since some matrix
multiplications need to be done inside a tight loop that gets called thousands
of times. Speedup wrt calling scipy.linalg.blas.cblas routines is 10x to 20x.

Now, all this is very nice on linux where the setup script can assure that the
cython code gets linked with the atlas dynamic library, which is the same
library that numpy and scipy link to on this platform.

However, I now have trouble in providing easy ways to use my project in
windows. All the free windows distros for scientific python that I have
looked at (python(x,y) and winpython) seem to repackage the windows version of
numpy/scipy as it is built in the numpy/scipy development sites. These appear
to statically link atlas inside some pyd files.  So I get no atlas to link
against, and I have to ship an additional pre-built atlas with my project.

All this seems somehow inconvenient.

In the end, when my code runs, due to static linking I get 3 replicas of 2
slightly different atlas libs in memory. One coming with _dotblas.pyd in numpy,
another one with cblas.pyd or fblas.pyd in scipy. And the last one as the one
shipped in my code.

Would it be possible to have a win distro of scipy which provides some
pre built atlas dlls, and to have numpy and scipy dynamically link to them?
This would save memory and also provide a decent blas to link to for things
done in cython. But I believe there must be some problem since the scipy site 

"IMPORTANT: NumPy and SciPy in Windows can currently only make use of CBLAS and
LAPACK as static libraries - DLLs are not supported."

Can someone please explain why or link to an explanation?

Unfortunately, not having a good, prebuilt and cheap blas implementation in
windows is really striking me as a severe limitation, since you loose the
ability to prototype in python/scipy and then move to C or Cython the major
bottlenecks to achieve speed.

Many thanks in advance!

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