[Numpy-discussion] Array accumulation in numpy

Tony Ladd tladd@che.ufl....
Tue Feb 19 09:00:25 CST 2013

I want to accumulate elements of a vector (x) to an array (f) based on 
an index list (ind).

For example:


What I want would be produced by the loop

for i=range(6):

The answer is f=array([ 0.,  7.,  0.,  6.,  5.,  0.,  0.,  0.,  0., 3.])

When I try to use implicit arguments


I get f=array([ 0.,  6.,  0.,  4.,  5.,  0.,  0.,  0.,  0.,  3.])

So it takes the last value of x that is pointed to by ind and adds it to 
f, but its the wrong answer when there are repeats of the same entry in 
ind (e.g. 3 or 1)

I realize my code is incorrect, but is there a way to make numpy 
accumulate without using loops? I would have thought so but I cannot 
find anything in the documentation.

Would much appreciate any help - probably a really simple question.



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