[Numpy-discussion] Embedded NumPy LAPACK errors

mw@e... mw@e...
Fri Jan 4 14:42:52 CST 2013


I am trying to embed numerical code in a mexFunction,
as called by MATLAB, written as a Cython function.

NumPy core functions and BLAS work fine, but calls to LAPACK
function such as SVD seem to be made against to MATLAB's linked
MKL, and this generates MKL errors. When I try this with
Octave, it works fine, presumably because it is compiled against
the same LAPACK as the NumPy I am embedding.

Assuming I haven't made big mistakes up to here, I have the
following questions:

Is there a way to request numpy.linalg to use a particular
LAPACK library, e.g. /usr/lib/liblapack.so ?

If not, is there a reasonable way to build numpy.linalg such that
it interfaces with MKL correctly ?

thanks in advance for any help,

[1] The Cython code in question : https://gist.github.com/4433635
     Please see the mexFunction at the bottom.

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