[Numpy-discussion] high dimensional array -> python scalar/index

Sebastian Berg sebastian@sipsolutions....
Sun Jan 6 11:57:21 CST 2013

Question for everyone, is this really reasonable:

>>> import numpy as np
>>> from operator import index
>>> index(np.array([[5]]))
>>> int(np.array([[5]]))
>>> [0,1,2,3][np.array([[2]])]

To me, this does not make sense, why should we allow to use a high
dimensional object like a normal scalar (its ok for 0-d arrays I guess)?
Personally I would be for deprecating these usages, even if that
(probably) means you cannot reshape your array with a matrix (as it is
2D) ;-):
>>> np.arange(10).reshape(np.matrix([5,-1]).T)
array([[0, 1],
       [2, 3],
       [4, 5],
       [6, 7],
       [8, 9]])

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