[Numpy-discussion] Which Python to use for Mac binaries

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Tue Jan 8 10:45:25 CST 2013

On Mon, Jan 7, 2013 at 10:23 PM, Ondřej Čertík <ondrej.certik@gmail.com> wrote:
>> http://www.commandlinefu.com/commands/view/2031/install-an-mpkg-from-the-command-line-on-osx
> This requires root access. Without sudo, I get:
> $ installer -pkg /Volumes/Python\ 2.7.3/Python.mpkg/ -target ondrej
> installer: This package requires authentication to install.
> and since I don't have root access, it doesn't work.
> So one way around it would be to install python from source, that
> shouldn't require root access.

hmm -- this all may be a trick -- both the *.mpkg and the standard
build put everything in /Library/Frameworks/Python -- which is where
it belongs. Bu tif you need root access to write there, then there is
a problem. I'm sure a non-root build could put everything in the
users' home directory, then packages built against that would have
their paths messed up.

What's odd is that I'm pretty sure I've been able to point+click
install those without sudo...(I could recall incorrectly).

This would be a good question for the pythonmac list -- low traffic,
but there are some very smart and helpful folks there:


>>> But I am not currently sure what to do with it. The Python.mpkg
>>> directory seems to contain the sources.

It should be possible to unpack a mpkg by hand, but it contains both
the contents, and various instal scripts, so that seems like a really
ugly solution.


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