[Numpy-discussion] Insights / lessons learned from NumPy design

Nathaniel Smith njs@pobox....
Wed Jan 9 08:58:24 CST 2013

On Wed, Jan 9, 2013 at 2:53 PM, Alan G Isaac <alan.isaac@gmail.com> wrote:
> I'm just a Python+NumPy user and not a CS type.
> May I ask a naive question on this thread?
> Given the work that has (as I understand it) gone into
> making NumPy usable as a C library, why is the discussion not
> going in a direction like the following:
> What changes to the NumPy code base would be required for it
> to provide useful ndarray functionality in a C extension
> to Clojure?  Is this simply incompatible with the goal that
> Clojure compile to JVM byte code?

IIUC that work was done on a fork of numpy which has since been
abandoned by its authors, so... yeah, numpy itself doesn't have much
to offer in this area right now. It could in principle with a bunch of
refactoring (ideally not on a fork, since we saw how well that went),
but I don't think most happy current numpy users are wishing they
could switch to writing Lisp on the JVM or vice-versa, so I don't
think it's surprising that no-one's jumped up to do this work.


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