[Numpy-discussion] Do we want scalar casting to behave as it does at the moment?

Andrew Collette andrew.collette@gmail....
Wed Jan 9 11:58:39 CST 2013

Hi Nathaniel,

> Sure. But the only reason this is in 1.6 is that the person who made
> the change never mentioned it to anyone else, so it wasn't noticed
> until after 1.6 came out. If it had gone through proper review/mailing
> list discussion (like we're doing now) then it's very unlikely it
> would have gone in in its present form.

This is also a good point; I didn't realize that was how it was handled.

Ultimately, the people who have to make this decision are the people
who actually do the work -- and that means the core numpy maintainers.
 We've had a great discussion and I certainly feel like my input has
been respected.  Although I still disagree with the change, I
certainly see that it's not as simple as I first thought.

At this point the discussion has gone on for about 70 emails so far
and I think I've said all I can.  Thanks again for being willing to
engage with users like this... numpy is an unusual project in that

I imagine that once the change is released (scheduled for 2.0?) the
broader community will also be happy to provide input.


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