[Numpy-discussion] New numpy functions: filled, filled_like

Pierre Haessig pierre.haessig@crans....
Thu Jan 17 08:13:37 CST 2013


Le 14/01/2013 20:05, Benjamin Root a écrit :
> I do like the way you are thinking in terms of the broadcasting
> semantics, but I wonder if that is a bit awkward.  What I mean is, if
> one were to use broadcasting semantics for creating an array, wouldn't
> one have just simply used broadcasting anyway?  The point of
> broadcasting is to _avoid_ the creation of unneeded arrays.  But maybe
> I can be convinced with some examples.

I feel that one of the point of the discussion is : although a new (or
not so new...) function to create a filled array would be more elegant
than the existing pair of functions "np.zeros" and "np.ones", there are
maybe not so many usecases for filled arrays *other than zeros values*.

I can remember having initialized a non-zero array *some months ago*.
For the anecdote it was a vector of discretized vehicule speed values
which I wanted to be initialized with a predefined mean speed value
prior to some optimization. In that usecase, I really didn't care about
the performance of this initialization step.

So my overall feeling after this thread is
 - *yes* a single dedicated fill/init/someverb function would give a
slightly better API,
 -  but *no* it's not important because np.empty and np.zeros covers 95
% usecases !


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