[Numpy-discussion] pull request: generalized ufunc signature fix and lineal algebra generalized ufuncs

Oscar Villellas oscar.villellas@continuum...
Thu Jan 31 10:43:23 CST 2013


At Continuum Analytics we've been working on a submodule implementing
a set of lineal algebra operations as generalized ufuncs. This allows
specifying arrays of lineal algebra problems to be computed with a
single Python call, allowing broadcasting as well. As the
vectorization is handled in the kernel, this gives a speed edge on the
operations. We think this could be useful to the community and we want
to share the work done.

I've created a couple of pull-requests:

The first one contains a fix for a bug in the handling of certain
signatures in the gufuncs. This was found while building the
submodule. The fix was done by Mark Wiebe, so credit should go to him

The second pull request contains the submodule itself and builds on
top of the previous fix. It contains a rst file that explains the
submodule, enumerates the functions implemented and details some
implementation bits. The entry point to the module is in written in
Python and contains detailed docstrings.

We are open to discussion and to make improvements to the code if
needed, in order to adapt to NumPy standards.


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