[Numpy-svn] [numpy/numpy] b55eac: BUG: core: implement a long-int loop for ldexp, fo...

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Sat Oct 16 09:19:41 CDT 2010

Branch: refs/heads/maintenance/1.5.x
Home:   http://github.com/numpy/numpy

Commit: b55eacd8bf62e592ec44fef351a81c60535d2965
Author: Pauli Virtanen <pav@iki.fi>
Date:   2010-10-16 (Sat, 16 Oct 2010)

Changed paths:
  M numpy/core/src/umath/loops.c.src
  M numpy/core/src/umath/loops.h
  M numpy/core/src/umath/loops.h.src
  M numpy/core/src/umath/umathmodule.c.src
  M numpy/core/tests/test_umath.py

Log Message:
BUG: core: implement a long-int loop for ldexp, for cases where int != long (#1633)

long != int on many 64-bit platforms, so a second ufunc loop is needed
to handle ldexp long int inputs.
(cherry picked from commit 93f7521dd0ac9edc0034eec5501a126cc4683b70)

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