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Sat Sep 4 04:53:01 CDT 2010

Author: rgommers
Date: 2010-09-04 04:53:01 -0500 (Sat, 04 Sep 2010)
New Revision: 8686

DOC: update doc/swig makefile and readme after moving swig/doc into refguide.

Modified: trunk/doc/swig/Makefile
--- trunk/doc/swig/Makefile	2010-09-04 09:52:44 UTC (rev 8685)
+++ trunk/doc/swig/Makefile	2010-09-04 09:53:01 UTC (rev 8686)
@@ -20,11 +20,6 @@
 	cd $@ && make $@
-# Target doc
-.PHONY : doc
-	cd $@ && make
 # Target clean
 .PHONY : clean

Modified: trunk/doc/swig/README
--- trunk/doc/swig/README	2010-09-04 09:52:44 UTC (rev 8685)
+++ trunk/doc/swig/README	2010-09-04 09:53:01 UTC (rev 8686)
@@ -9,24 +9,9 @@
-Documentation for how to use numpy.i is in the doc directory.  The
-primary source file here is numpy_swig.txt, a restructured text file
-that documents how to use numpy.i.  The Makefile in doc allows for the
-conversion of numpy_swig.txt to HTML (if you have docutils installed)
-and to PDF (if you have docutils and latex/pdftex installed).  This
-should not be necessary, however, as numpy_swig.html and
-numpy_swig.pdf are stored in the repository.
+Documentation for how to use numpy.i, as well as for the testing system
+used here, can be found in the NumPy reference guide.  
-The same is true for a file called doc/testing.txt, which describes
-the testing system used here.
-If you have the prerequisites installed and wish to build the HTML and
-PDF documentation, this can be achieved by calling::
-    $ make doc
-from the shell.
 The tests are a good example of what we are trying to do with numpy.i.

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