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Sun Sep 5 08:36:35 CDT 2010

Author: ptvirtan
Date: 2010-09-05 08:36:35 -0500 (Sun, 05 Sep 2010)
New Revision: 8694

DOC: add instructions for updating the docs to HOWTO_RELEASE.txt

Modified: trunk/doc/HOWTO_RELEASE.txt
--- trunk/doc/HOWTO_RELEASE.txt	2010-09-05 13:24:16 UTC (rev 8693)
+++ trunk/doc/HOWTO_RELEASE.txt	2010-09-05 13:36:35 UTC (rev 8694)
@@ -200,6 +200,15 @@
 ideally just before making the release branch. How to do this is described in
 detail in doc/HOWTO_MERGE_WIKI_DOCS.txt.
+Check that docs can be built
+    cd doc/
+    make dist
+to check that the documentation is in a buildable state.
 Check deprecations
 Before the release branch is made, it should be checked that all deprecated
@@ -263,6 +272,35 @@
 ``bdist_wininst``, should also be uploaded to PyPi so ``easy_install numpy``
+Update docs.scipy.org
+Do the following (or ask the doc people to take care of it):
+Rebuild and upload documentation:
+- ``cd numpy/doc``
+- ``make dist``
+- Check that the built documentation is OK.
+- ``touch output-is-fine``
+- ``make upload UPLOAD_TARGET=USERNAME@docs.scipy.org:/home/docserver/www-root/doc/numpy-1.5.x/``
+where USERNAME should be replaced by your account on
+``docs.scipy.org``, and ``numpy-1.5.x`` by the version number of the
+*release series*. For instance, for Numpy 1.5.1, it should be
+``numpy-1.5.x`` and for Numpy 2.0.0 ``numpy-2.0.x``.
+Rebuild and upload ``docs.scipy.org`` front page, if the release
+series is a new one. The front page sources are located in the Scipy
+- ``cd scipy/doc/frontpage``
+- Edit ``_templates/indexcontent.html`` to add links to the new release series.
+- ``make dist``
+- Check that the built documentation is OK.
+- ``touch output-is-fine``
+- ``make upload USER=USERNAME``
 Update scipy.org
 A release announcement with a link to the download site should be placed in the

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