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#219: NameError: PyArray_ContiguousFromObject on FC3; affects mtrand
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 This is a problem with the mtrand Pyrex interface only.  In particular it
 is a problem with the numpy.pxi file used in that interface.
 PyArray_ContiguousFromObject is used in mtrand.pyx but not specified in
 the numpy.pxi interface file.

 Not all of the C-API is specified in the numpy.pxi file.  Only the
 commands that are used.

 PyArray_ContiguousFromObject is the old Numeric interface which is and
 will be supported by NumPy.  It is not documented in the Guide to NumPy
 because there are other commands that are more flexible which replace it.

 In particular, the PyArray_ContiguousFromObject always returns an ndarray
 object even if given a sub-class.  The PyArray_ContiguousFromAny call can
 return a sub-class if one is given.

 This is fixed in r2942

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