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#228: Backward compatibility plan
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 The plan for compatibility with Numeric/Numarray is

 1) Create functions in oldnumeric and numarray that create and return
 NumPy arrays but do it using the syntax of the old packages (i.e.
 typecode=, savespace=).
 Also the name-spaces when doing from numpy.oldnumeric import * should only
 include names that were in Numeric or Numarray already:

 2) Create 2 scripts for Numeric conversion and 2 for Numarray conversion

    a) The first conversion script just changes the imports to the
       layer and alters attribute and method access to be compatible with
       NumPy arrays. This script should work most of the time.

    b) The second conversion script tries to actually make the changes to
 the code
       so it will work without the compatibility layer.  This script will
       harder to get to work perfectly and will probably require some
       manual help from the user.

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