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#283: Inconsisteny in enumerated type mapping
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 My problem is that I want to create a ndarray object in python space and
 get its size from C space in a way independent of 32/64 bit platform

 So, when I create, say, n = numpy.array([1], dtype=numpy.int32) I would
 want to get the code for the equivalent enum type of the same size no
 matter of the platform (32/64) the code is running on. IMO, numpy.int32 is
 descriptive enough to be always translated to NPY_INT (its is 32 bit in
 all platforms), in the same way that numpy.int64 should be translated to
 NPY_LONGLONG. However, if I specify numpy.int_, then this has to be the
 equivalent to python int and should be translated to NPY_LONG, I agree.

 Perhaps I'm missing some other issues, but I still think that my proposal
 would help to better deal with types between Python and C levels, and,
 more importantly, I do think that this is more consistent than the current


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