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#290: Some inconsistency in 'i' typecode
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 Ok. I think I understand. My problem is that I'm trying to use the data-
 type as a key in a dictionary and I can't make it work correctly:

 >>> {numpy.dtype(numpy.int32): 'found'}[numpy.dtype(numpy.int32)]
 >>> {numpy.dtype(numpy.int32): 'found'}[numpy.dtype(numpy.int_)]
 >>> {numpy.dtype(numpy.int32): 'found'}[numpy.dtype(numpy.intc)]
 Traceback (most recent call last):
   File "<stdin>", line 1, in ?
 KeyError: dtype('<i4')

 the ultimate problem for this is that these data-types have different

 >>> hash(numpy.dtype(numpy.int32))
 >>> hash(numpy.dtype(numpy.int_))
 >>> hash(numpy.dtype(numpy.intc))

 There would be any chance that data-types int32 and intc would return the
 same hash? or should I find other workarounds for my code (i.e. don't
 using dictionaries for what I'm trying to do)?


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