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Sun Apr 1 19:49:08 CDT 2007

#394: Memory leak in .argsort() method
 Reporter:  faltet  |        Owner:  somebody
     Type:  defect  |       Status:  new     
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Component:  Other   |      Version:  devel   
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Comment (by charris):

 Is this leak fixed? The code has changed a bit but I don't see the
 specific fix you recommended. It now goes:

         /* Creates new reference op2 */
         if ((op2=(PyAO *)_check_axis(op, &axis, 0))==NULL) return NULL;

         /* Determine if we should use new algorithm or not */
         if (op2->descr->f->argsort[which] != NULL) {
                 ret = (PyArrayObject *)_new_argsort(op2, axis, which);
                 return (PyObject *)ret;


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