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Tue Aug 7 04:27:58 CDT 2007

#565: numpy cannot be built when scipy is installed
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Comment (by pearu):

 Do buildbot test platforms have recent scipy installed?

 There may be few causes to this problem, all boil down to the
 fact that {{{numpy/__init__.py}}} picks up wrong {{{__config__.py}}}
 file, in the current case the installed {{{scipy/__config__.py}}}.

 Usually this should not happen, however, users may do strange
 things with their installations..;) Is <install-path>/scipy in
 PYTHONPATH or sys.path? It should not be.

 If some systems have this "feature" then the current issue
 should be resolved in numpy.distutils by generating
 {{{__<packagename>_config__.py}}} file instead of {{{__config__.py}}}.

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