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Wed Feb 14 04:13:44 CST 2007

#451: easy no autodetect for numpy/distutils
 Reporter:  bicatali     |       Owner:  somebody
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 numpy/distutils automatically find cpu, installed compilers and libraries
 on the system. Although nice for users, packagers have and like their own
 system for options/dependencies and choosing the right options for various
 architectures. Supporting all possible configurations could rapidly become
 complex for numpy devs. Looking around at packaging numpy/scipy in the
 *nix land, a lot of distributions actually patch system_info.py or make
 use of a complex set of both environment, patches and setup.cfg

 Ex: the system has atlas, acml, netlib lapack, ifort and gfortran,
 threaded or not. Configuring numpy with netlib lapack and ifort even
 though others are installed can be tricky to package. [[BR]]

 A simple no-autodetect option called with setup could be available,
 letting the *nix package system autodetect via dependencies. A setup.cfg
 file with all default values explained would be helpful for packagers.
 As far as I can see on open tickets, a lot of problems could also be
 avoided with such a simple feature.

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