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#434: Incomplete docstring linalg.eigh
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Comment (by nils):

 I mean the difference between the docstrings numpy.linalg.eigh and
 Sorry for the confusion.

 Help on function eigh in module numpy.linalg.linalg:

 eigh(a, UPLO='L')
     Compute eigenvalues for a Hermitian-symmetric matrix.


 Help on function eigh in module scipy.linalg.decomp:

 eigh(a, lower=True, eigvals_only=False, overwrite_a=False)
     Solve real symmetric or complex hermitian eigenvalue problem.


       a            -- A hermitian N x N matrix.
       lower        -- values in a are read from lower triangle
                       [True: UPLO='L' (default) / False: UPLO='U']
       eigvals_only -- don't compute eigenvectors.
       overwrite_a  -- content of a may be destroyed


       For eigvals_only == False (the default),
       w,v     -- w: eigenvalues, v: eigenvectors
       For eigvals_only == True,
       w       -- eigenvalues


       a * v[:,i] = w[i] * vr[:,i]
       v.H * v = identity

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