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#425: Faster clip for scalar clipping values
 Reporter:  david cournapeau  |        Owner:  somebody
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Comment (by oliphant):

 The "magic function lists" are all of your
 @TYPE at _numeric_native_scalar_clip functions in clip_imp.inc.src.   These
 functions should all be added to and attached to the .f member of the
 relevant data-type structure.  Then, any data-type that somebody adds can
 participate in the speed-up as long as this member is present.

 Then, a switch-statement just checks for the existence of this function
 and calls it if it is present.

 Mixed-type is handled using the coercion rules established (scalars do not
 tell arrays how to behave unless they are of a different kind) and
 automatic coercion is done otherwise.   Coercion occurs to a single data-
 type and the function of that data-type is called.

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