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Thu Jan 25 21:39:42 CST 2007

#425: Faster clip for scalar clipping values
 Reporter:  david cournapeau  |        Owner:  somebody
     Type:  enhancement       |       Status:  new     
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Component:  Other             |      Version:  devel   
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Comment (by david cournapeau):

 Ok for the magic list. Something like int fastclip(void* in, npy_intp
 size, void* min, void* max, void* out) ?

 For the coercion, I was not precise enough: my question is about the
 actual C implementation for coercion. The patch is now using
 PyArray_ConvertToCommonType for coercion which follows the rule with
 respect to scalar; but when I am looking to existing numpy code using f
 functions, PyArray_ObjectType is used, and if I remember correctly, this
 function does not change its behaviour if the object is a scalar or not ?
 If PyArrayConvertToCommonType is ok, I can modify my patch easily and
 commit the change today

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