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#468: Use ellipses to auto complete indices for slice assignments
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 I have not used numpy fro that long and I apologize if this is a
 completely stupid idea, but it seems that the slice assignment

 a[4:4+len(b)] = b

 is a common use case (for me anyway). It would be a nice convenience if
 the ellipses notation could be used to mean "as many as required" in this
 context as well, i.e.

 a[4:...] = b, or a![...:10] = b

 There would be no confusion with the other use of ellipses because in this
 case they would be immediately next to the colon. I have not spent much
 time thinking of the multidimentional case, but think it would
 conceptually work also, i.e.

 a[4:...,...:-3] = b

 Of course, a shape mismatch error would still occur if there is just not
 enough room in "a" to fit "b" at the requested indices.

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