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Tue Mar 20 16:41:02 CDT 2007

#472: pyrex example doesn't compile.
 Reporter:  royd    |        Owner:  somebody
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Comment (by royd):

 Aiee, I wasn't aware of the formatting!  here is the same errors in a more
 readable format:
 $ make[[BR]]
 python setup.py build_ext --inplace[[BR]]
  get_numpy_include is deprecated, use get_include[[BR]]
 running build_ext[[BR]]
 building 'numpyx' extension[[BR]]
 /home/royd/python/pyrex/c_numpy.pxd:99:22: Array element cannot be a
 Python object[[BR]]
 make: *** [all] Error 1[[BR]]
 $ rpm -q numpy[[BR]]
 $ pyrexc -v[[BR]]
 Pyrex version 0.9.4[[BR]]

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