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Mon Apr 21 23:23:05 CDT 2008

#750: Swig interface - Bug in FORTRAN-ordering support
 Reporter:  kishorg  |       Owner:  somebody
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 I am applying following typemap for passing address of a Fortran style
 Numpy matrix to C++ function using Swig.

 %apply (double* IN_FARRAY2, int DIM1,int DIM2) {(double *ptr_in, index_t
 n_rows_in, index_t n_cols_in)};

 I always get C-style ordered array in my C++ code with a new copy of Numpy

 The problem is typemap definition for IN_FARRAY2 in numpy.i at line number
 713 calls function

 array = obj_to_array_contiguous_allow_conversion($input, DATA_TYPECODE,

 which copies it into new C-Style array. If I replace this call with

 array = obj_to_array_no_conversion($input, DATA_TYPECODE);

 then it works correctly. This is a bug in Numpy.i and need to fix it.

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