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#754: setup.py not recognizing gcc on install
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 The build flags are taken from Python itself. It records the compiler and
 all flags in {{{$prefix/lib/python2.5/config/Makefile}}}. If your Python
 was built with cc instead of gcc, then you are possibly out of luck; it
 may not be possible to use gcc-compiled extension modules with your cc-
 compiled python executable. It also may be possible; I am not much
 familiar with Solaris 9 anymore.

 You can try to replace cc with gcc by using the environment variables CC,
 CFLAGS, and LDFLAGS (and possible LDSHARED). Take a look at that Makefile
 for the flags that you will have to replace.

 It would be best to build Python with gcc, however.

 If you need more help, the mailing list is the best place to ask. If we
 find a bug in numpy, we can open another ticket.

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