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Sat Apr 26 05:44:51 CDT 2008

#743: Array content zeroed by |= even though exception raised
 Reporter:  charris  |        Owner:  somebody
     Type:  defect   |       Status:  new     
 Priority:  normal   |    Milestone:  1.1.0   
Component:  Other    |      Version:  none    
 Severity:  blocker  |   Resolution:          
 Keywords:           |  
Changes (by charris):

  * severity:  major => blocker


 In this case, even with the type error, in PyUFunc_GenericFunction no
 error is detected, control switches through BUFFER_UFUNCLOOP, and the
 output is zeroed by the time an error is detected. If a
 UFUNC_CHECK_ERROR(loop) is inserted immediately after the first call to
 the loop, an error is detected, the fail exit is taken, and the problem is
 averted. I don't think this is the correct solution, as an error should be
 raised when the loop is set up, not after the loop function is called.
 It's better to check for errors in one spot rather than hunting all over
 for the right place.

 I changed the severity to blocker. The problem is probably not fatal, but
 it indicates a fundamental flaw in the flow of control which we should fix
 before release. I think fixing this will also solve the failure to raise
 any error at all when running with python 2.6 in its default install.

 ALSO: There are no default case in all these switch statements. That looks
 like asking for trouble.

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