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Wed Apr 30 10:45:56 CDT 2008

#766: fastCopyAndTranspose segfaults
 Reporter:  dave.hirschfeld  |       Owner:  somebody
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 The below code causes fastCopyAndTranspose to segfault.

 > It looks like the segfault occurs in the printing of the result.    If
 > you set y = fastCopyAndTranspose(x)  you don't get a segfault until you
 > try to print it (actually __repr__ it).
 > -Travis

 from datetime import datetime, timedelta

 from numpy import asarray, fastCopyAndTranspose

 timestamps = [datetime(2007,1,1)]

 while timestamps[-1] < datetime(2007,12,31):
     timestamps.append(timestamps[-1] + timedelta(1))

 x = [asarray(timestamps),asarray(range(len(timestamps)))]


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