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Tue Dec 30 15:43:47 CST 2008

#884: fromfile and fromstring locale dependency
 Reporter:  pv         |        Owner:  cdavid
     Type:  defect     |       Status:  new   
 Priority:  normal     |    Milestone:  1.3.0 
Component:  numpy.lib  |      Version:  none  
 Severity:  normal     |   Resolution:        
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Comment (by pv):

 Another forgotten issue:

   - Since strtod returns a double, there is loss of precision for long
 doubles. The `*_fromstr` functions have always used `strtod`, and now the
 same issue concerns also the `*_scan` functions. (Anyway, now at least
 `*_fromstr` and `*_scan` behave identically.)

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