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Tue Feb 12 03:26:48 CST 2008

#636: Faster array version of ndindex
 Reporter:  jarrod.millman  |        Owner:  jarrod.millman
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 Priority:  normal          |    Milestone:  1.0.5         
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Comment (by stefan):

 This is simply a fast implementation of array(list(np.index(...))) -- i.e.
 an N-dimensional counter.  I think one should be able to build it using
 currently available functions, since you can also see it as a special
 flattening of np.mgrid, i.e. in two dimensions
 it is roughly equivalent to np.mgrid[0:m,0:n].T.reshape(-1,2).  So the
 following should do the trick:

 def ndi(shape):
   return np.indices(shape).T.reshape(-1,len(shape))

 I will open a ticket for ndi((0,3,4)), which currently segfaults.

 We'll have to ask Jonathan for use cases of the above -- I don't have any.

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