[Numpy-tickets] [NumPy] #653: v1.0.4 incorrectly identifies Xeon as 64-bit

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Thu Feb 14 01:07:03 CST 2008

#653: v1.0.4 incorrectly identifies Xeon as 64-bit
 Reporter:  doneal24         |        Owner:  cookedm
     Type:  defect           |       Status:  new    
 Priority:  normal           |    Milestone:  1.0.5  
Component:  numpy.distutils  |      Version:  none   
 Severity:  normal           |   Resolution:         
 Keywords:                   |  
Changes (by cdavid):

 * cc: cdavid (added)


 Here is a patch which should work everywhere. Instead of using OS
 dependant logic, I think it is better to use python facilities (platform
 module is available since 2.3).

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