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Mon Oct 13 11:47:40 CDT 2008

#928: histogramdd() overflow error on high-dimension arrays
 Reporter:  jvansanten  |       Owner:  somebody
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Component:  numpy.lib   |     Version:  none    
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 When histogramdd() is called on a large array (say, 5 dimensions with 100
 bins each), it tries to create a flat array of the bins. The size of the
 flat array is given by nbin.prod(). prod() uses the dtype of nbin by
 default (int32), which on arrays like the example above overflows into a
 negative integer, throwing an error.

 This is of course not a problem until one starts working with gigantic
 histograms, but it can be tricky nonetheless. Forcing nbin.prod() to use a
 long would clean this up nicely (I think).

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