[Numpy-tickets] [NumPy] #957: decorators don't work with test generators

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Sat Jan 31 23:25:26 CST 2009

#957: decorators don't work with test generators
 Reporter:  jarrod.millman  |        Owner:  alan.mcintyre
     Type:  defect          |       Status:  new          
 Priority:  normal          |    Milestone:  1.3.0        
Component:  numpy.testing   |      Version:  devel        
 Severity:  normal          |   Resolution:               
 Keywords:                  |  
Comment (by alan.mcintyre):

 Attached is a patch that includes tests for the decorators module
 (including tests for the new features added by the patch), and makes the
 "knownfailureif" decorator take either a callable or bool.   This patch
 doesn't appear to cause any issues for existing tests in NumPy or SciPy.

 If nobody has any issues with this I'll commit it.

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