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#1186: numpy.ma.abs not working correctly?
  Reporter:  dalloliogm  |       Owner:  pierregm
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 Component:  Other       |     Version:  1.3.0   
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 The more I think about it, the less I can think about a generic solution.
 The issue is that your ma1 array has a np.object dtype (because of the
 presence of None in your initial dataset). Masking the None entries
 doesn't change anything: your masked array still has a np.object dtype.
 np.abs or ma.abs don't know how to process object arrays. You need to find
 a way to force your array to another dtype, such as for example
 ma.array(ma1.filled(0), mask=ma1.mask, dtype=int)
 Here, the entries that were initially None are replaced by 0
 ({{{ma1.filled(0)}}}), but you keep the mask and force the dtype to int.
 Now you have an integer array on which you call np.abs or ma.abs...

 A generic solution would require to guess the dtype to expect. I don't
 think this is advisable, the user should decide for him/herself. There's
 nothing else we can do, so I'm closing the ticket.

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