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Mon Apr 26 02:55:54 CDT 2010

#1380: endianess is not set correctly for HP-UX Itanium
 Reporter:  neinhues              |       Owner:  somebody  
     Type:  defect                |      Status:  needs_work
 Priority:  normal                |   Milestone:  2.0.0     
Component:  numpy.core            |     Version:  1.4.0     
 Keywords:  endianess HP-UX IA64  |  

Comment(by neinhues):

 The patch is only a hot fix: Since we're running our Itaniums under HP-UX,
 I had to patch the endian setting since in the original npy_endian.h the
 was always set to little endian for the Itanium. I've attached it in order
 to clarify the problem, it is by no way a final solution for this problem.
 However, I don't understand why you could not check for endianess at
 compile time
 (only 2-3 lines of Python code)?
 Why relying on assumptions of how different OS on the Itanium treat

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