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Tue Aug 31 11:56:52 CDT 2010

#1596: error building numpy 1.5.0 docs
 Reporter:  LevGivon                         |       Owner:  pv   
     Type:  defect                           |      Status:  new  
 Priority:  normal                           |   Milestone:  2.0.0
Component:  Documentation                    |     Version:       
 Keywords:  documentation, sphinx, docutils  |  
 When I attempted to build the numpy 1.5.0 html docs, I observed the
 following error:

 reading sources... [  3%] reference/generated/numpy.atleast_1d
 reading sources... [  3%] reference/generated/numpy.atleast_2d
 reading sources... [  3%] reference/generated/numpy.atleast_3d
 reading sources... [  3%] reference/generated/numpy.average
 reading sources... [  3%] reference/generated/numpy.bartlett

 Exception occurred:
   File "/usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages/docutils/statemachine.py", line
 1193, in __radd__
     raise TypeError('adding ViewList to a non-ViewList')
 TypeError: adding ViewList to a non-ViewList
 The full traceback has been saved in /tmp/sphinx-err-90cDJW.log, if you
 want to report the issue t
 o the developers.
 Please also report this if it was a user error, so that a better error
 message can be provided nex
 t time.
 Either send bugs to the mailing list at <http://groups.google.com/group
 or report them in the tracker at
 <http://bitbucket.org/birkenfeld/sphinx/issues/>. Thanks!

 I'm running the build on 64-bit Linux with python 2.6.5, sphinx 1.0.3,
 docutils 0.7, jinja2 2.5.1, and pygments 1.3.1.

Ticket URL: <http://projects.scipy.org/numpy/ticket/1596>
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