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#1524: Citation example in HOWTO_DOCUMENT.txt slightly inconsistent w/ IEEE
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 Here's the example in HOWTO_DOCUMENT.txt:

 O. McNoleg, "The integration of GIS, remote sensing, expert systems and
 adaptive co-kriging for environmental habitat modelling of the Highland
 Haggis using object-oriented, fuzzy-logic and neural-network techniques,"
 Computers & Geosciences, vol. 22, pp. 585-588, 1996.

 Here's the spec in

 19.3 Articles in periodicals
 Articles listed shall include the following information in the order
 a) Last name of author or authors and first name or initials, or name of
 organization [Our example is in the wrong order]
 b) Title of article in quotation marks
 c) Title of periodical in full and set in italics [ours isn't italicized]
 d) Volume, number, and, if available, part
 e) First and last pages of article
 f) Date of issue

 [Their] Example:
 [B1] Boggs, S. A., and Fujimoto, N., “Techniques and instrumentation for
 measurement of transients in
 gas-insulated switchgear,” IEEE Transactions on Electrical Installation,
 vol. ET-19, no. 2, pp. 87–92, Apr.

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