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#1223: numpy.random.multivariate_normal accepts indefinite covariance matrices
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Comment(by dgoldsmith):

 Thanks, josef.  Based on that discussion, might I suggest a hierarchical
 approach: first, Cholesky is tried to take the matrix square-root -
 according to CH in the above thread, IIUC, this will automatically provide
 the function w/ a check on the "physicality" of `cov`.  If Cholesky works,
 great, we're done; if it throws an exception, to satisfy RK, an
 independent check on `cov` is performed (what would be the speediest way
 to independently assess `cov` for both symmetry and PSDness?).  If `cov`
 passes that test, eigh (as suggested by CH) is tried; if it succeeds, the
 result is returned, along w/ a message that Cholesky failed, `cov` _might_
 be asymmetric and/or not PSD; if eigh also fails, give up: return
 np.empty() and a message that `cov` is _likely_ asymmetric and/or not PSD.

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