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#1434: out argument ignored by var and std
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 when providing an axis, the mean, var and std functions return an array of
 results. The out argument enables to provide an already allocated array to
 store the result, which works fine for mean but not for var and std

 exemple ipython session:

 In [1]: import numpy as np
 In [2]: data = np.array(((1,2,3),(4,5,6),(7,8,9)))
 In [3]: result = np.zeros((3,))

 In [4]: data.mean(axis=1, out=result) == result
 Out[4]: array([ True,  True,  True], dtype=bool)

 In [5]: data.var(axis=1, out=result) == result
 Out[5]: array([False, False, False], dtype=bool)

 In [6]: data.var(axis=1, out=result)
 Out[6]: array([ 0.66666667,  0.66666667,  0.66666667])

 In [7]: result
 Out[7]: array([ 2.,  5.,  8.])


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