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#990: SVD fails to converge
 Reporter:  MikeTrumpis   |       Owner:  somebody    
     Type:  defect        |      Status:  needs_review
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Component:  numpy.linalg  |     Version:  devel       
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Comment(by charris):

 The fallback versions in numpy were produced by f2c, as is clapack. You
 can find the scripts for that in numpy/linalg/lapack_lite/. Note that
 lapack_lite only contains a small subset of the available lapack routines
 and is intended to supply a minimal linear algebra capability, the full
 (or at least fuller) interface to lapack is in scipy. That said, there are
 some functions in the current lapack_lite that aren't made available to
 numpy, LU decomposition for instance, and that could be fixed.

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