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#1629: np.prod returns 0 in case of integer overflow
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Comment(by charris):

 I don't see this for current svn on my 64 bit system:

 In [3]: array([2**16,2**16]).prod()
 Out[3]: 4294967296

 In [4]: array([2**16,2**16]).prod(dtype=int64)
 Out[4]: 4294967296

 In [7]: array([2**16,2**16]).dtype
 Out[7]: dtype('int64')

 However, it could be that the default accumator on your system is int32?
 What platform are you on? In any case, you should specify the type of the
 result, numpy can't tell in advance how big the product is going to be and
 it could easily be out of range for anything but arbitrary precision

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