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#1646: numpy crash inside anki (and mathplotlib)
 Reporter:  batusek            |       Owner:  somebody  
     Type:  defect             |      Status:  needs_info
 Priority:  low                |   Milestone:  2.0.0     
Component:  Official binaries  |     Version:  1.5.0     
 Keywords:                     |  

Comment(by batusek):

 Thanks for a quick info. I must first apologize: though I am a developer,
 I am not too familiar with python so my information might be sometimes
 inprecise. To your points:

 - numpy versions have been tried by another anki developer. I will deliver
 this info, once he will tell me
 - python version 2.6
 - Reproducing is difficult. Theoretically, you can try to install anki
 1.0.1 for Windows (http://ichi2.net/anki/#windows), create a new deck and
 then try to display the graphs to the deck. But as I have written, the
 error occurs only on some computers.
 - I have observed and error only in release version of anki using numpy as
 a binary library (.pyd)
 - By development version I mean numpy installed as a module to python 2.6
 (in Lib/site-packages), where there are only .py and .pyc of the
 appropriate files.
 - I don't know how to create the .pyd file - to be honest, I don't know
 what it is, I have read somewhere that it is just renamed .dll, but I know
 nothing more.

 I will try to use the winpdb to localize the crash more and give you the
 needed info. So I keep the issue open for now, stay tuned, I will get

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