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Tue Apr 5 20:17:20 CDT 2011

#1795: Sort out the NPY_*_FMT printf-formatting macros
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 These macros are supposed to help portably print different types, but
 they're currently not consistent. The points are

 * PyString_Format and PyOS_snprintf support different sets of formatting
 codes (the first is intended to be portable and consistent, the second
 calls the OS vsnprintf routine, according to the 2.7 documentation).

 * Within the NumPy code base, NPY_INTP_FMT is used with PyString_Format,
 while the rest of them are used with PyOS_snprintf.

 * In 2.6, PyString_Format doesn't support a long long formatting
 character, so on 64-bit windows, there is no mechanism to format the
 npy_intp type.

 * The code also casts to long and uses %ld in some places. This would
 produce the wrong value when using extremely large arrays.

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